We are one of the Freight Forwarding companies which operated in Batam Island, Indonesia.

Batam island is one of the free port in Indonesia located  near Singapore and  can be reached approx within 40 minutes by ferry. Batam is also equipped with enough cargo handling equipment, general cargo and also project cargo.

Now adays, many foreign companies use Batam as transshipment port because of its import and export clearance is done in the same port and in a short time. In other words, all cargo which transported to other ports in Indonesia can be done quickly in Batam.

Batam is not only visited by 20 cargo ships and 25 container ships every month from different destinations such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Kalimantan - Everyday Batam received many flights from different airlines from and to other cities in Indonesia, approx about 35 flight schedule a day.

With these resources available and at our advantage, let us make the business together -- let Trans multi cargo handle your goods to all destinations in a fast and economical way.

Please email us at sales@transmulticargo.com

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